Trying to conceive

A lot of problems during pregnancy and later life of the child find their origin in beginning stages of the embryo and the placenta. By adopting a healthy lifestyle you can positively influence the circumstances in which you become pregnant and the result of the pregnancy for both you and the child. That’s why you can visit us for our “trying to conceive”-office hour.

An appointment for the “trying to conceive”-office hour takes about an hour. During this consult we will thoroughly question you about your medical background, eating-habits and lifestyle. A number of questions will also concern your partner. You will also have the opportunity to ask your questions. There will be no thorough medical examination, but we will measure, among things, your blood-pressure. From the consult it can become apparent that additional bloodtesting is required or that it is necessary for you to talk to a general practitioner, gynecologist or clinical geneticist (for hereditary research). With the help of the answers to the questions and the (additional) examination it will become apparent how you and your partner can prepare yourselves for a future pregnancy.

During the “trying to conceive”-office hour you will get a lot of information and practical advice about healthy living and the organization surrounding pregnancy and parenthood. Aside from this you will get information that concerns specific personal situation. Remember that it is very normal if it takes a while for you to become pregnant. Happily 80% of all women who want to become pregnant do so within a year.

For an appointment or additional information you can contact us by phone +31-(0)6-28069584 or through the signup form.

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