A midwife in the Netherlands plays a very important role in the medical care for pregnancy, delivery and postpartum care. A midwife has an intensive training of 4 years to get a bachelor degree. During those 4 years a midwife in training spends 50% of her time doing internships, so by the end of her training she has witnessed and assisted already a few hundred deliveries.

Verloskundige praktijk Kinderrijk Meerhoven started in 2003. The name of our midwife practice has been chosen for 2 reasons. The first reason is the composition of the neighbourhood Meerhoven, divided into 5 parts: Grasrijk, Zandrijk, Bosrijk, Waterrijk en Meerrijk. Meerhoven can rightfully call itself very “kinderrijk” (which roughly translates to “rich with children”). The second reason is that we can count ourselves rich when you have children. Hence the name Kinderrijk Meerhoven.
In 2016 we started our dependance Midwifery Practice Eindhoven, a midwifery practice specialized in the care for expats and internationals.

Kinderrijk Meerhoven / Midwifery Practice Eindhoven consists of 4 midwives,. During the pregnancy you will get to know all of us. This way you will always have a familiar face with you during your delivery.
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Important to know

Important to know

Midwifery Practice Eindhoven stands for personal and professional care. Because we are a small scaled practice, we know our patient and her partner well. Due to this we are able to give very personal care.

No pregnant woman is the same. Everyone experiences her pregnancy in a different way. In our practice there is plenty of room for your ideas and wishes in regards to the guidance of your pregnancy and delivery. Based on good information, we encourage our clients to make their own decisions in pregnancy and the birth of their child. 

All of us are registered in the qualityregister for midwives (Kwaliteitsregister voor Verloskundigen). This means that we follow the standards and guidelines of our profession. Aside from this we regularly follow classes to keep our knowledge and skills up-to-date. 

Because of our office location at SGE Meerhoven and SGE International we are connected with a variety of other disciplines, among which are a general practitioner, a pharmacy and a physical therapist. We also maintain ties to the consultation-bureau, the organization that takes over the care of your child from us.

In the region of South East Brabant all partners within the obstetric care work closely together. On the website ‘Zwanger in Zuid Oost Brabant‘  (in Dutch) you can find information about pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. Besides that, there is also information about joined protocols and guidelines. 
We are a member of the Zorggroep Verloskunde ZuidOost Brabant  and of the Obstetric cooperation with the Maxima Medisch Centrum and the Catharina Hospital.

What we do

In the Netherlands there is a unique system of midwives and gynecologists. Midwives guide the healthy pregnancies and regular births. A gynecologist steps in when complications arise. A midwife is primarily a medical expert. But, aside from this she is also a coach and a confidant during the whole pregnancy period.

A midwife has had an intensive education of 4 years to get a bachelor degree. During those 4 years a midwife in training spends 50% of her time doing internships, so by the end of her training she has witnessed and assisted already a few hundred deliveries. 

Naturally, you can come to Midwifery Practice Eindhoven for guidance during your pregnancy and delivery. Also the most ultrasounds (and fun-ultrasounds) during the pregnancy are made at our practice.
If your pregnancy and delivery are assisted by a gynecologist, you need a midwife for your medical checkups during the postpartum period. You can register with us for this purpose.
Aside from this we offer a child-wish office hour to couples who would like to become pregnant.

The care for international clients is one of our specialties. We are a member of Healtcare 4 Internationals, a non-profit network of organisations that aim to close the gap between Dutch healthcare and the needs and expectations of patients with an international background. 
For general information about healthcare in the Netherlands, please visit the H4i-website or GPinfo.nl or what the movie ‘The Dutch Healthcare system part 1’
More information about childbirth in the Netherlands you can find on the following websites:
College Perinatale Zorg (English, Polish, Arabic, Polish)
Movie ‘The Dutch Healthcare system part 2’
Podcasts 4 Brainport – 4 episodes
Brochures in different languages

Contact information

The practice can be reached 24 hours a day by calling 0031-(0)6-28069584

Office hours:
By appointment, also in the evening. We make ultrasounds at our own practice.

Office hours by phone:
Non urgent questions or to (re)schedule an appointment: 0031-(0)6-28069584
Monday till Friday 8:30-12:30
This number can’t be used for text messages. 

Emergency number:
For urgent questions or the delivery: 0031-(0)6-28069584
This number can’t be used for text messages. 

The email-address is not intended for asking medical questions. In case of medical questions always contact us through the above numbers.

Verloskundige praktijk Kinderrijk Meerhoven
SGE Meerhoven 
Meerwater 27 (1st floor, elevator present)
5658 LP Eindhoven

Midwifery practice Eindhoven                                  
SGE de Ring International
Dominee Theodor Fliednerstraat 133
5631 MD Eindhoven


Chloé Zonnevijlle, miwife, works within our practice as our replacement in case of illness, training days or holidays. Chloé will take care of your pregnancy, delivery and postpartum period in the same way you are used to.

In 2018 I graduated from the Midwifery Academy in Maastricht. In 2019 I was also trained as an ultrasound technician. In the first year after my graduation I gained a lot of experience working in different practices. I was born and raised in Eindhoven and that is why I really enjoy working at Midwifery Practice Eindhoven as the regular substitute in case of holiday, illness or training days.

Being a midwife is very special. I feel privileged to experience the wonder of ‘new life’ over and over again. It gives me a great deal of satisfaction to contribute to a positive experience of the new parents. I am looking forward to meet you and I wish you a good pregnancy, delivery and postpartum period!


2 to 3 times a year we guide midwifery students. We like to aid in the education of our future colleagues. In this way, we also stay informed about the latest developments. Depending on the year of study the student will perform parts of the midwifery care at the checkups, delivery and the postpartum care. This is always done under our supervision.

Every now and then we will also have a medical student or gynaecologist in training with us for a day. We also like to share our knowledge with them.

In case you don’t want a student to be present you can let us know. We will take this into account.

Payment Terms

We have contracts with most health insurance companies. Please check yourself if this is the case for your insurance company and, for example, if they also have a contract with your hospital of choice.
When we have a contract with your health insurance company, they completely cover the cost of a midwife. The care provided by us does not require a contribution from your end. Unless you and your health insurance provider have a different agreement, you will never receive a bill from us at home.

Most of the tests we order are also completely reimbursed. However, it is possible that you will receive a bill for certain performed tests (for example: the blood test will be reimbursed, but drawing the blood will be paid from your deductible). If, aside from this, there are tests for which you have to pay, we will inform you about this.

Payment terms have been set by the Royal Dutch Organization of Midwives (Koninklijke Nederlandse Organisatie van Verloskundigen), statuary located in Utrecht; registered at the district court in Utrecht on 21 June 1996, number 165/1996.

For complete or partial care, by a midwife or her substitute, the following payment terms exist:

  • Payment terms: Payment for the provided midwife care must be completed within 30 days of the date on the bill by the client to the midwife who provides her with her checkups in regards to her pregnancy, in full, without deduction or discount.
  • Interest: In case the payment deadline is missed de client is considered to be breach. Starting from the day of the deadline of the bill the client owes an additional 1% in interest for every month payment is late, with part of a month being considered a full month.
  • Collectioncosts: In case the client remains in breach after notification, all judicial and collectioncosts made by the midwife in order to ensure payment will be added to the bill of the client. The collectioncosts amount to 15% of the bill, to which will be added VAT. Collectioncosts include, for example: de cost of judicial aid, the collectionbureau, a bailiff or lawyer.
  • Proof: The administrative records of the midwife determine the amount owed by the client, unless the client is able to offer proof to the contrary.
  • Differences arrangement: All differences that flow from one of the terms part of this agreement will be presented to the judge responsible for the place of residence of the debtor. In case the difference between the parties does not fall under the jurisdiction of the cantonal court, it is the right of the midwife to present the difference to the responsible judge in Utrecht.
Complaints arrangement

Do you have a complaint? Tell us about it.

How do we deal with complaints in our practice? What can you do if you’re not satisfied with something? Read on to find out more about our complaints procedure.

Tell us what is bothering you
It is important that you feel comfortable with your midwife. Because being pregnant is an exciting period in itself. This is the reason that we do our best to care for you and your baby. Are there any questions bothering you? Doubts? Is there something you’re not satisfied with? Tell us about it. Preferably as soon as possible, but even if you’ve had this feeling for some time. Then we can discuss it together and we can try to solve it as quickly as possible. Perhaps we can clear up a misunderstanding. Or put your mind at rest. Or treat you in a way that you feel more at ease.

We are always willing to make an appointment to talk

It can happen that we don’t have time just at the moment when you want to discuss something with us. That can be annoying. But we hope you will understand.  We can’t always plan our work: births can upset everyone’s plans. But we are always willing to make a separate appointment for you. Then we can take time to talk.
If you find it difficult to talk to us, you can always bring someone you trust with you to this appointment.

Complaints officer
Do you want to know more about your rights or do you need advice? Or do you want to discuss your complaint first with somebody else? Or would you like to have help to file a complaint. In this case you can contact the complaints officer.
The complaints officers are impartial. They will discuss with you what you are unsatisfied about and what you would like to accomplish with your complaint. They advice you about what you can do. They will help you to talk to us if you find it difficult to do so yourself. Or they can help you write a letter about your complaint.
The complaints officer can help you and us to find a solution together. Everything you tell the complaints officer is confidential.

Contacting the complaints officer
Our practice is affiliated with CBKZ (Centraal Bureau Klachtenmanagement in de Zorg).
We try, together with the complaints officer, to handle the complaint within six weeks. Within this period you will get a reply from us about what we did with your complaint.

Submit a complaint with the KNOV dispute committee
If, even with mediation from the complaints officer, we cannot work out our differences, you can submit your complaint to the Dispute Committee of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Organisatie voor Verloskundigen (KNOV) [Royal Dutch Organisation of Midwifes]. This Dispute Committee will examine and decide whether your complaint is founded. If it is, the committee will make a binding decision.

Our Team

Geertje Swinkels

After high school I started studying in Rotterdam to become a widwife and finished in July 2003. Afterwards substituting for four months in another practice in Eindhoven and started my own practice Kinderrijk Meerhoven on the 1st of November of that year. Kinderrijk Meerhoven is located inside Gezondheidscentrum Meerhoven and to this day I am very happy to be there. Since october 2013 I am also a certified ultrasound technician. In 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2015 I had the opportunity to experience for myself what it’s like to be pregnant and to have a child when our sons Huub, Rein, Noud and Giel were born. BIG registration: 69060158203

Yvonne Leenaerts

I have been a midwife since 2016 and an ultrasound technician since 2017. After my graduation from the Midwifery Academy in Maastricht, I have worked in midwifery practices all over the Netherlands. From 2017 I was able to start working in the area where I grew up; Eindhoven. Starting from June 2019 I will be working at Midwifery Practice Eindhoven. I am really looking forward to stay in Eindhoven and to work in a practice with enough time and space for their clients. I still enjoy this beautiful profession every day, the diversity, the clients, my colleagues. Every pregnant woman is different, every pregnancy unique! It is so special to be able to contribute in this life event. BIG registration: 69920655403

Chloé Zonnevijlle


My name is Chloé Zonnevijlle. In 2018 I graduated from the Academy of Obstetrics in Maastricht. In addition to being a midwife, I have also been an ultrasound technician since 2019. Over the past year I have already gained a lot of experience in various midwifery practices. I was born and raised in Eindhoven and therefore really enjoy joining the Kinderrijk Meerhoven team from April 2019.

The obstetrics profession remains very special. I feel privileged to be able to experience the miracle of “new life” again and again. It gives great satisfaction if I can contribute to the fact that parents can look back positively on this special period.
I look forward to meeting you and wish you a very pleasant pregnancy, delivery and postpartum period!

BIG registration: 79923723103

Nikki Thoone

In 2013 I graduated from the Midwifery Academy in Maastricht and after this I started working in Zeeland. In 2016 I started working in Roosendaal and this way I had the opportunity to move back to Eindhoven were I was born. In september 2016 the midwives from Midwifery Practice Eindhoven asked me to come work for them as a substitute. I love working in a small practice were we really have time for people. A pregnancy and birth are a miracle for me and being able to help (future) parents in such an important period is very special. It is very satisfying when people can look back on those 9 months with a positive feeling and remember their delivery with a feeling of pride. In 2021 I have decided, with mixed feelings, to stop working as a midwife. However, I stay connected to the practice as assistant, sonographer and Centering Pregnancy leader.

Hanna Salverda


My name is Hanna Salverda. In 2016 I completed the midwifery training in Groningen. Since 2019 I have also been working as an ultrasound technician. The first years after graduating I worked in the north of the country, but I have now been working in the south for three years with great pleasure. From 2023 I can strengthen the Kinderrijk Meerhoven team.

I enjoy the diversity of people and the variety in the profession, no pregnancy is the same. It is always a privilege to witness the birth of new life and new parents. I look forward to meeting you!

Anne van Otten

My name is Anne van Otten, I am married and mother of two sons Niek and Tijn. Healthcare has always attracted me, but when I spent a day in a midwifery practice during my high school years, I knew for sure; i want to do this! Funny thing is that the shadow day was in this practice! In 2013 I graduated as a midwife and for the past 10 years I have worked with great pleasure in a practice in Oss. Obstetrics is a great profession, where every day is different and the variety makes it so much fun. Every client and every situation is different. I think the most special thing about our profession is the privilege we have to guide expectant parents from the first ultrasound to the birth of a new miracle! I look forward to working in this practice and getting to know you!


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