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Pregnancy call instructions

This advice is a general advice. I could be that, during consultation hours, we gave you more specific instructions for your personal situation.
Don’t ever hesitate to call us when you need us, when you have questions of when you are insecure about something. You can call us 24 hours a day. You never call in vain.

Important to know
Blood loss

Blood loss is part of the post-delivery period, especially when you get up or turn around in bed. You can also lose clots that can sometimes be as large as a fist. You have to call in case the blood loss is too severe. As in, in case it fills up more than one sanitary napkin in less than half an hour or if you keep losing clots one after the other. Do you have severe belly pains or bloodloss that smells very bad, then contact us.

After the delivery you have to pee within 6 hours. If this doesn’t happen you have to call us. After peeing for the first time it is important to keep trying every few hours. If the bladder is too full, the uterus can not contract which can lead to more blood loss.
If you have a fever (>38,0 measured rectally) in the first 2 weeks after birth, you always have to contact us.
Other Complaints

If you have complaints like a headache, blurry vision, nausea or vomiting, tight feeling around your head or belly, pain in your upperbelly or between your shoulderblades, then give us a call.
Is you leg swollen, red and painfull? Please let us know.

Having a baby is a life-event and often an emotional rollercoaster. Do you sleep very little, are you easily irritated and angry or do you think others want to harm you? Do you feel very restless? Then discuss this with your partner and with us.
Temperature of the child
The temperature of the child should be between 36,5 and 37,5. In case the temperature is lower than 36,5 you should try to warm up your child (hat, hot water bottle, extra blanket, on mom or dad’s chest under a blanket). In case the temperature hasn’t risen after one hour you should call us. A low temperature can indicate that your child is not feeling well.
If the temperature is above 37,5 you should, for example, remove the hot water bottle or put on thinner clothes. If, after an hour, the temperature hasn’t decreased, you should call us.
Color of the child
Do the skin or the eyes of the baby appear yellow within the first 24 hours after birth? Then please contact us.

Does your child have a grey skin color or a very fast or moaning respiration? Then contact us immediately.

Are the lips, tongue and inside of your child’s mouth blue/purple? Is your child sweaty, has he got troubles breathing or is he short of breath when crying or drinking? You should let us know immediately.

Nausea of the child
A child can be nauseated after the delivey. As a result it can make gagging noises.
The first 24 hours the child is still allowed to lay on its side (after that a baby should be on its back). In this way, possible vomit can easily get out. You can also hold your baby upright against you whil tapping softly on his back.
You can reach us 24/7. If you have questions or you worry about something, please give us a call.


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