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    Yvonne Leenaerts


    I have been a midwife since 2016 and an ultrasound technician since 2017. After my graduation from the Midwifery Academy in Maastricht, I have worked in midwifery practices all over the Netherlands. From 2017 I was able to start working in the area where I grew up; Eindhoven. Starting from June 2019 I will be working at Midwifery Practice Eindhoven. I am really looking forward to stay in Eindhoven and to work in a practice with enough time and space for their clients.

    I still enjoy this beautiful profession every day, the diversity, the clients, my colleagues. Every pregnant woman is different, every pregnancy unique! It is so special to be able to contribute in this life-event.

    BIG registration: 69920655403



    24 uur per dag bereikbaar via
    tel 06-28069584

    Verloskundige praktijk Kinderrijk Meerhoven
    SGE Meerhoven (1e verdieping, lift aanwezig)
    Meerwater 27
    5658 LP Eindhoven

    Midwifery practice Eindhoven
    SGE International
    Dominee Theodor Fliednerstraat 133
    5631 MD Eindhoven

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