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Payment Terms

We have contracts with most health insurance companies. Please check yourself if this is the case for your insurance company and, for example, if they also have a contract with your hospital of choice.
When we have a contract with your health insurance company, they completely cover the cost of a midwife. The care provided by us does not require a contribution from your end. Unless you and your health insurance provider have a different agreement, you will never receive a bill from us at home.

Most of the tests we order are also completely reimbursed. However, it is possible that you will receive a bill for certain performed tests (for example: the blood test will be reimbursed, but drawing the blood will be paid from your deductible). If, aside from this, there are tests for which you have to pay, we will inform you about this.

Payment terms have been set by the Royal Dutch Organization of Midwives (Koninklijke Nederlandse Organisatie van Verloskundigen), statuary located in Utrecht; registered at the district court in Utrecht on 21 June 1996, number 165/1996.

For complete or partial care, by a midwife or her substitute, the following payment terms exist:

  • Payment terms: Payment for the provided midwife care must be completed within 30 days of the date on the bill by the client to the midwife who provides her with her checkups in regards to her pregnancy, in full, without deduction or discount.
  • Interest: In case the payment deadline is missed de client is considered to be breach. Starting from the day of the deadline of the bill the client owes an additional 1% in interest for every month payment is late, with part of a month being considered a full month.
  • Collectioncosts: In case the client remains in breach after notification, all judicial and collectioncosts made by the midwife in order to ensure payment will be added to the bill of the client. The collectioncosts amount to 15% of the bill, to which will be added VAT. Collectioncosts include, for example: de cost of judicial aid, the collectionbureau, a bailiff or lawyer.
  • Proof: The administrative records of the midwife determine the amount owed by the client, unless the client is able to offer proof to the contrary.
  • Differences arrangement: All differences that flow from one of the terms part of this agreement will be presented to the judge responsible for the place of residence of the debtor. In case the difference between the parties does not fall under the jurisdiction of the cantonal court, it is the right of the midwife to present the difference to the responsible judge in Utrecht.


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