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A midwife in the Netherlands plays a very important role in the medical care for pregnancy, delivery and postpartum care. A midwife has an intensive training of 4 years to get a bachelor degree. During those 4 years a midwife in training spends 50% of her time doing internships, so by the end of her training she has witnessed and assisted already a few hundred deliveries.

Verloskundige praktijk Kinderrijk Meerhoven started in 2003. 
The name of our midwife practice has been chosen for 2 reasons. The first reason is the composition of the neighbourhood Meerhoven, divided into 5 parts: Grasrijk, Zandrijk, Bosrijk, Waterrijk en Meerrijk. Meerhoven can rightfully call itself very “kinderrijk” (which roughly translates to “rich with children”). The second reason is that we can count ourselves rich when you have children. Hence the name Kinderrijk Meerhoven.

In 2016 we started our dependance Midwifery Practice Eindhoven, a midwifery practice specialized in the care for expats and internationals.
Kinderrijk Meerhoven / Midwifery Practice Eindhoven consists of 2 midwives, Geertje Swinkels en Janneke Oudenaarden. During the pregnancy you will get to know the both of us. By clicking on the pictures below you can find out more about us.

Geertje Swinkels
Janneke Oudenaarden

Because our practice keeps growing, we are supported by two colleague-midwives;
Nikki Thoone en Yvonne Leenaerts. During your pregnancy you will also get to know the both of them. This way you will always have a familiar face with you during your delivery.
They would also like to introduce themselves (select the image).

Nikki kinderrijk meerhoven waarneming
Nikki Thoone
Yvonne Leenaers


The practice can be reached 24 hours a day by calling 06-28069584
Verloskundige praktijk Kinderrijk Meerhoven

SGE Meerhoven
Meerwater 27
5658 LP Eindhoven

Midwifery practice Eindhoven
SGE International
Strijp-S Videolab 4.042 - Torenallee 20
5617 BC Eindhoven

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Office hours

Our office hours are from monday till friday, also in the evening.
We can make ultrasounds at our own practice.

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