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Pregnancy call instructions

This advice is a general advice. I could be that, during consultation hours, we gave you more specific instructions for your personal situation.
Don’t ever hesitate to call us when you need us, when you have questions of when you are insecure about something. You can call us 24 hours a day. You never call in vain.

Prior to 37 weeks

During the entire pregnancy: if you have questions or concerns, you can always call us.

Blood loss

Bleeding during pregnancy can have different reasons. You always have to call us if this happens.

Belly pain

A slight belly pain can be caused by the growth of the uterus. You can also have Braxton Hicks contractions, for example when you have been very busy. These kinds of aches will go away with rest en warmth (by taking a bath for example). 
Belly pain that doesn’t go away, keeps getting worse or when there is a certain rhythm to the pain (pain that comes and goes every few minutes), is a reason to contact us.

Loss of amniotic fluid

When you think you are losing amniotic fluid prior to 37 weeks, you have to call us, day and night. Try to save a sample of what you have lost (for example, your underwear) or try to catch some of the fluid.

Less movement of the baby

When you feel your baby moving less than you are used to, it is very important to contact us. During the weekend we also want you to contact us if this occurs.

After 37 weeks


For the entire pregnancy: if you have questions or worries, you can always call us.

Blood loss

A little bit of slimy blood loss is normal. If, however, you have bright-red blood loss, more than a menstruation, let us know immediately.

Belly pain / contractions

With sudden, heavy belly pains you always have to contact us. When you think labor has started, you should call us:

  • -first child: when the contractions occur an hour long every 3-4 minutes and last about 1 minute.
second child or more: when the contractions occur an hour long every 5 minutes or sooner if you believe that the delivery is proceeding quickly.

A ‘pre-call’ to let us know that the delivery might have started, so that we can prepare ourselves, is not necessary. We are available for deliveries 24 hours per day.

Loss of amniotic fluid

Your water can break without you having contractions. In case your water breaks it is important that you look at the color of the amniotic fluid. This should be clear. However, sometimes the amniotic fluid has a green/brown color; in that case the baby defecated in the amniotic fluid.

*Clear amniotic fluid:

  • During the day: let us know right away (until 10pm).

  • At night: you try to go to sleep and call us the next morning.

*Green/brown amniotic fluid

Call us immediately (day and night).

* Head is not engaged into pelvis

When the head of the baby is not engaged into the pelvis prior to the rupturing of the membrane (the moment the water breaks) it is important to lie down and call us. If this is the case in your situation, we will have told you so during the consultation hour.

Less movement of the baby

When you feel your baby moving less than you are used to, it is very important to contact us. We also want you to call us if this occurs during the weekend.

Less movement of the baby

Feeling the movement of your baby is a very important measurement for the condition of the baby. From 26 weeks on you should feel your baby moving every day. There are calm and more active babies; most of the times you will know soon enough. Often you can also recognize a pattern in the movement of the baby; for example that he always moves when you get up in the morning or when you are in bed at night. At the end of the pregnancy the movements can become less powerful. The amount of movement should remain more or less the same. When your baby moves less than you are used to, it is important to sit down and try to stimulate your baby. When you keep hesitating about the amount of movement, you have to contact us.


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