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Coronavirus update March 16 2023

In the past 3 years, COVID-19 has had a major impact on the Netherlands and on our health care system (including obstetric care). Almost everyone has had to deal with the consequences of the corona virus on one way or another. Now, more than 3 years after the first corona infection in the Netherlands, a new phase is starting. The ministry nog longer gives advice that is only aimed at corona. The government does provide advice to prevent respiratory viruses, such as the flue, the common cold and corona.

We are now better protected against the virus than a while ago. This is due to vaccinations, booster and repeat shots and the built-up immunit. But the virus is still there. That's why we have to keep taking care of each other. Especially for people with vulnerable health, we must continue to pay attention and not infect each other with viruses, such as respiratory infection. Pregnant women also fall into this group.

View the advice that helps to limit the spread of respiratory viruses and protect people with fragile health: Advice to prevent respiratory infections.  


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