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    Coronavirus update May 25th

    Dear client and partner,

    The national organization of midwives (KNOV) has issued strict regulations for obstetric care during the corona crisis. Every midwifery practice in the Netherlands is bound to these regulations.  
    After every new advice from the government the situation is reevaluated and things can change. Please also check our website (news) and social media (Facebook: Midwifery Practice Eindhoven), so that you stay informed about the latest developments.

    Consultation hour
    From now on we are going to do all appointments face to face again. If you are more comfortable with an appointment by phone, then please let us know. We will also start doing all standard medical ultrasounds again.

    If you have an appointment one of the following weeks, we ask you the following:
    -Come to the appointment alone.  The exceptions to this are the ultrasounds at 8 weeks, 11 weeks, 20 weeks (anomaly scan) and 34 weeks. During these ultrasounds you can come together.  
    -Don't come to the appointment too early, maximum 5 minutes in advance. This way we can limit the amount of people in the waiting room.
    -Desinfect or wash your hands when you enter the health center.
    -As a partner, try to respect the 1,5 meter distance to us during the ultrasound. 
    -Do you have a cold, are you coughing or do you have a fever, then give us a call so that we can see together if your appointment can be postponed.
    -If you have an appointment, you will receive an email from us 2 to 3 days in advance with explanation about your appointment and the latest advice about corona. 

    Because our medical care comes first and because we want to do this in the safest way possible, we won't be making any appointments for fun ultrasounds yet. If you would like to have a fun ultrasound, then you can make an appointment with a fun ultrasound agency. 
    The placement of an IUD is possible again.  
    Blood withdrawal at Diagnostiek voor U can only be done by appointment (040-2141202) and only at one of the main locations.
    In the hospitals partners are only allowed during the 20 weeks ultrasound (anomaly scan). 

    The choice for a delivery at home or in the hospital remains. We don't have any capacity problems in the hospitals and it is safe for you to go there. If you are reconsidering the place of birth because of the situation then we can discuss this with you.
    When you are in labor, 2 persons are welcome to support you at home (your partner + 1 extra person). Unfortunately only one person can accompany you to the hospital. There are no other persons allowed, not in the hallway or anywhere else in the hospital. It is not allowed to have people visiting you in the hospital right after birth. If you have to stay in the hospital longer, then the rules of the hospital apply.
    Do you or your partner have a cold, are you coughing or do you have a fever at the moment the delivery starts? Please tell us in time so we can take our precautions.

    Ofcourse we hope that also the regulations in the hospitals can be softened soon. 

    Postpartum period
    In the first week after birth we will visit you at least one time and more frequent if necessary. The rest of check-ups will be done by phone as much as possible.
    The maternity care organizations ask you to have maximum one visitor (always the same person) when the maternity nurse is in your house.
    The heel prick (blood test) and hearing test of your child will be done as usual. 
    Do you or your partner have a cold, are you coughing or do you have a fever in the first week after birth? Please tell us and your maternity care organization.

    In general
    The same advice applies to pregnant women as to non-pregnant women. So keep an eye on the news and follow the general guidelines of the RIVM ( also in English).

    All midwifery practices in our region are doing their very best to keep the chance of contamination and spreading of the virus as small as possible. We have agreed to help each other in case midwives get sick.

    We realize that we are asking a lot of you at the moment. All measures are being taken to keep everybody as healthy as possible. But it is not the way we would like to guide you through this special period in your life.
    We want to thank you for your understanding and the support we have already received from you. Together we hope that this crisis will pass soon.

    Of course you can still reach us 24/7. Don’t hesitate to call us with your questions and worries. We will see you or visit you if necessary.

    Vaccination against whooping cough (the '22-week vaccination')

    As of December 16th all pregnant women are offered a vaccination against whooping cough at 22 weeks pregnancy. As a result of this vaccination baby's are protected against whooping cough from the moment they are born. 

    In Eindhoven the vaccination is offered by Zuidzorg. On their website you can read how to get the vaccination. 

    New: IUD at Midwifery Practice Eindhoven

    Starting from June 2019 it is possible to have an intra-uterine device (birthcontrol) placed at Midwifery Practice Eindhoven. We take care of the prescription, placing of the IUD and the check-up by ultrasound. Everybody is welcome, also if you are not a former client of ours.
    Feel free to contact us for more information. 

    Whooping cough vaccination for pregnant women

    Whooping cough (pertussis) can be a serious illness for young babies. To protect young babies against whooping cough, pregnant women can have themselves vaccinated. In 2015 the Health Council advised vaccination of pregnant women against whooping cough, but this has not been implemented yet. However, we have started already to actively inform clients about the possibility of the vaccination. You can get the vaccin through your GP of through the GGD (Municipal Health Service).

    Waitingroom location SGE Meerhoven

    Starting from the 15th of January we will use waitingroom 2 at our location at SGE Meerhoven.
    This waitingroom gives more privacy and older children can not reach the stairs so easily.


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    Office hours

    Our office hours are from monday till friday, also in the evening.
    We can make ultrasounds at our own practice.

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