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Ways to deliver

Maybe you have already read a lot about the delivery or you’ve gotten a lot of information during a pregnancy-course. What it feels like to deliver you won’t know until the moment is actually there.

This also counts for the different ways to deliver. It is good to know that there are different positions to absorb the contractions and to take during the expulsion-phase. Which position is comfortable for you we will try at the moment. It is important to change positions on a regular basis during delivery. This advances the dilation and your child will be better able to find its way through the pelvis.

In principal, we can guide a delivery in all possible positions, as long as it is medically responsible. Often we will provide you with advice during the delivery to take a certain position to help advance your delivery.

We always have a birthing-chair with us on which you can deliver. We’re also open to delivery in the bathtub. You do have to rent or buy a bath for this, since  a regular bathtub is too small for a delivery. For more information you can come to us.


The practice can be reached 24 hours a day by calling 06-28069584
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