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  • Delivery

Necessities for the delivery

•    A delivery care-package from your insurance company (leave everything in the box please) or

•    1 sterile umbilical cord clamp
•    2 boxes of sterile gauzes (so-called ‘zestientjes’)
•    Small bottle of alcohol 70%
•    1 pack of ‘zigzag’cottonswabs
•    1 pack of disposable maternity sanitary napkins (kraamverband)
•    2 packs of maxi-sanitary napkins
•    12 cellulose incontinence pad (celstofonderleggers)
•    1 new piece of soap or a soap-pump

•    2 digital thermometers (one for you and one for your baby) 
•    2 metal hot-water bottles with bottle-bag (no cherry-seed or hot-water-bags)
•    10 ironed cotton (hydrophile) diapers (hydrofiel luiers)
•    Bed-raisers en a bed-pan.

Needed at 37 weeks. 
You can borrow them from your kraamzorgorganization or rent them at a homecare-shop (thuiszorgwinkel)  

For the baby:        
•    Diapers                  
•    2 caps 
•    Onesie (bodysuit), clothes, socks

For you:

•    Old shirt to deliver in

Extra for your home-delivery:

•    4 grey garbage bags
•    2 buckets
•    Bed-protector 
•    A large piece of plastic if you want to give birth on the birthing-chair

Bag for going to the hospital (both for home-delivery and hospital-delivery):

From 37 weeks it is advisable to prepare a bag for (possibly) going to the hospital. In this bag you put the things for yourself and the baby. If you deliver at home we can unpack all the things we need at that moment.    

•    Medical file from midwife
•    Hospital ID (ponsplaatjes: you can make one at the reception of the hospital) 
•    Carseat 
•    2 euro coin
•    Photo-camera and/or video-camera
•    Old shirt to deliver in    
•    Toilet bag
•    Underwear and clean clothes, slippers and bathing robe 
•   Onesie (bodysuit), clothes, socks, cap, jacket and wrap (omslagdoek) for the baby
•    For partner: some clean clothes and for example a toothbrush

You do not have to bring the delivery care-package to the hospital.


The practice can be reached 24 hours a day by calling 06-28069584
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We can make ultrasounds at our own practice.

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